Ballot on protected industrial action in Seven

Next week, union members in the CPSU will be deciding on their options for protected industrial action at Seven.

You may be wondering why this is relevant to you if you are not a CPSU member at the moment.

We’d like you to join us to participate in this ballot, and here’s why

Like us, you may have thought that when 82% of staff in Seven rejected the last offer from management, we’d see a recognition of your concerns. We didn’t. Seven’s response was to lodge an industrial application to terminate your current rights and conditions which, if successful, would revert all your terms and conditions to that of the Award minimum. It’s a highly aggressive industrial tactic that has been dubbed the ‘‘nuclear option’’ and it turns your workplace into an industrial battleground.

Seven rejected our proposal for assistance from the Fair Work Commission through their successful and innovative “new approaches” program but lodged an application for conciliation anyway.

Right now, your choice to be a CPSU member makes an absolute difference to securing rights and conditions you can count on. Our bargaining team rely on input and support from union members, and they need you to be part of that too.

The CPSU secured an agreement for conciliation meetings in each week of February because we want to reach a sensible outcome and we think assistance from the Fair Work Commission is the best chance of getting that.

A protected action ballot now keeps our options open – Join today to vote

CPSU members know this is a serious decision and recognise the importance of using every lever available to keep the pressure on Seven to engage in fair processes. Just as an employer can use the threat of termination, workers can use industrial action.

That’s why CPSU members are proceeding with a ballot on protected industrial action. If CPSU members agree through this ballot, only CPSU members will be legally protected in taking action down the track.

Only staff who are CPSU members by COB Monday 7 January can vote. The CPSU’s strong preference is to reach acceptable outcomes for our members through genuine negotiations. Be part of that by joining online now.