Big news! Visa privatisation can be defeated and jobs saved

The Morrison Government’s plan to privatise our visa system is on shaky ground with a breaking news report that the Senate may block the privatisation. As you know the CPSU has strongly opposed the privatisation of our visa system and members and delegates have been fighting and lobbying to see this stopped.

Read the new report from today's Sydney Morning Herald here:

Picture of newapaper scrap with Sydney morning Herald logo, 29 January 2020 and headline "Visa outsourcing plan thrown into doubt by Home Affairs advice"

Today’s article put a major spanner in the works of this plan, revealing that the Department of Home Affairs has briefed the Government that legislation would have to be passed through the Parliament to enable the privatisation to go ahead.

What does this mean? 

Basically, until now the Coalition Government has said they could push this sale through without any legislation. It’s clear that this is not the case! Labor has already loudly, publicly and consistently condemned the sale of our visa services. So now, for a vote to pass through the Senate the Government would require the support of the cross bench with key cross bench members needing to side with the Government. Centre Alliance and the Greens have already voiced their opposition to the planned sale. 

There is still more to do and it ain’t over just yet.

Take action now by sharing this video demanding that Parliament debate and vote on visa privatisation and stop the Morrison government from selling off our public services in a backroom deal.

Today’s news is fantastic and comes after the CPSU and many others gave evidence at a Senate Inquiry showing exactly how damaging it would be to turn our visa system over to corporate interests. CPSU members have been campaigning hard against the privatisation and the thousands of job losses it would result in, including holding over 60 lobbying meetings with their MPs and Senators.

CPSU members have also been backed in by a powerful community campaign. Our CPSU Proud to be Public community of over 100, 000 people have been taking action, and organisations including the Migration Council of Australia, FECCA and Universities Australia have come out opposing visa privatisation.

But we aren’t safe yet. The Morrison Government may still try and push ahead to sign away our visa system in a backroom deal, or try and do deals in the Senate to get support. Share this video to call for there to be a vote in Parliament.

Parliament resumes sitting next week. Let’s make it work for us, not for big corporations.

You can read more information on the risks of visa privatisation here:

Fears of Home Affairs job losses as government cuts staff budget by $150 million – Sydney Morning Herald, May 2019