BIG WIN for casuals at ATO!

CPSU members in CAS Parramatta have secured a massive win for casual workers in the ATO. After transitioning from non-ongoing to casual, members had contacted their union reporting that while their work hadn’t changed, their pay rate had been dropped from 2.3 to 2.1 – in some cases without any warning.

All affected members in Paramatta joined the CPSU and we were able to lodge a dispute on their behalf. After notifying a dispute the ATO conceded that the current process was insufficient and are working with us to ensure members pay rates are reinstated with backpay where appropriate.

What was the dispute about?

Our casual members had initially been hired as non-ongoing employees on 3-year contracts and had received salary advancement as part of the performance process during that time, successfully moving from the APS2.1 rate of pay to APS2.3.

At the end of their 3-year contracts in April this year, the ATO offered them casual employment. At this point, some members had their rate of pay dropped from 2.3 to 2.1 from the beginning of their casual contracts, while others continued to get paid at 2.3 up until around two weeks ago, when without warning the ATO dropped their rate of pay to 2.1.

Even worse, the ATO told these members that they had been overpaid and owed the tax office money, in some cases up to $800.

The CPSU disputed management’s stance, arguing that the ATO should recognise the skills, experience and qualifications of all affected casuals, should cease debt recovery action immediately, award them back pay and re-instate their salaries to APS 2.3.

What did CPSU membership secure?

After meeting with the CPSU, management conceded that our members deserve to have their skills recognised and to be paid at the higher, appropriate rate. They have also agreed to cease debt recovery and award affected workers back pay from the beginning of their casual contracts.

We’re continuing to work with ATO to ensure pay rates are correctly reinstated and establish a process to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

This fantastic outcome for these members was achieved because 100% of them, like you, joined their union.

Sound familiar?

If you’re a casual and your pay rate has been dropped in similar circumstances or you are concerned about your pay, please contact us at for assistance.