Brook Holloway receives Indigenous Service award

Brook Holloway, CPSU Governing Councillor and Delegate in NT, was recently presented with the Individual Achievement in Indigenous Servicing – Zone Northern Australia 2019 award during NAIDOC week in July 2019.

Recipients of the award are recognised for their exceptional commitment and excellence to improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. CPSU members congratulate Brook on receiving this well-deserved commendation for his efforts and contribution to the community.

We put a few questions to Brook about the award and his roles at the CPSU.

What’s one change you would like to see in DHS in recognition of Indigenous peoples and staff?

I would love to see an increase in indigenous apprentices and the return of school based traineeships – especially for those in remote communities.

Why are you a CPSU Governing Councillor and delegate?

To help represent members, and to use my voice to bring greater attention and recognition to the contribution of members who represent and identify as First Nations Peoples.

What message do you want our members and the wider community to take from NAIDOC week?

I think it’s a shame that we have to have “special” weeks and days to recognise our First Nations Peoples. We should hold the original owners of the stolen land we live on in higher esteem than just through a couple of token events and days.

Reflecting on this award, what do you feel is your greatest achievement in this space?

Helping community members navigate a complex series of industrial policies and assisting with the de-obfuscation of the DHS process; and to be accepted by the community I serve.

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