Busting the myth busting

The following information is to clear up some confusion following the recent NT Government issued bulletin which claimed to be fact-checking comments of the CPSU.

We are concerned by inaccuracies in the bulletin and understand that this has created confusion for some of you.

Key things you need to know

What is the Darwin CPI?

  • The Darwin CPI for the September quarter of 2017 was 0.6% for the three months since 1 July 2017. You can check the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures here, just go to page 10.
  • The Darwin CPI for the 2016-2017 financial year was 0.5%. You can check the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures here, just go to page 9.

The government in Bulletin 8, says that CPI is currently 0.1%.

CPSU supports employees being able to have your say

In our press release of 31 October 2017, we said:

“The Government is setting itself up for an embarrassing failure if it insists on rushing to a ballot on this dud agreement proposal rather than listening to our constructive feedback. NT public sector workers will stand up and show they demand a fair deal. In a recent survey of members, 84% of respondents rejected this same package.”

You can see the whole press release here.

The government in Bulletin 8 said statements made by the CPSU amount to a “MYTH – The offer is being pushed on employees and rushing them to a ballot.”

In our view, members and staff in the NTPS are perfectly capable of making an informed decision, but you do need accurate information to base that on.

CPSU action has led to changes to the penalty rate provisions to protect shift workers

We said in the 31 October press release, that changes proposed by the government cut penalties for shift workers.

Since then the government has put a further two positions to the CPSU on shift workers.  We are currently checking with delegates but we believe we have now protected penalty payments for shift workers. Importantly we have changed our material for members to reflect this.

The NT Allowance is being cut

The NT Allowance is being cut for all employees who do not currently receive the allowance and for all new employees. The NT Allowance is worth $960 a year to employees with children.  Over 18 years of a child’s life that is worth more than $17,000

The NT Allowance is an Award condition, a basic entitlement. The CPSU is deeply concerned about the impact this cut will have for NTPS workers looking to start a family, although the NT Allowance is being grandfathered for existing recipients for now...

The government does not deny that the cut is being made, but they say it is a myth to suggest the NT allowance is under attack. The CPSU considers that it is under attack.

Check the facts and make up your own mind

The CPSU is committed to providing accurate information to members and staff at all times. We’ll continue to do that as this bargaining process proceeds.

You will shortly be asked to make a choice about whether or not the package on offer is good enough.

The CPSU bargaining team is recommending a NO vote and members are about to vote on that recommendation. However you vote, please make sure you have accurate information to make an informed choice.