CDPP and government stuck on outsourcing

The numbers just don’t add up for outsourcing your work, and people are starting to notice.

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The Government’s demand that the CDPP return to it's 2006/2007 average staffing levels has been revealed for what it is; a sham that puts at risk the important work of the CDPP, will cost the taxpayer more money and delivers worse outcomes for staff. In fact we now know that CDPP will pay a premium of 25%- 28% to labour hire providers, while staff already operating under these arrangements earn 3% less than CDPP employed staff.

On Monday, the press got wind of the story and started asking questions about it, with Fairfax publishing “Federal Government to dump prosecutors for labour-hire lawyers”.

The very next day, Labor MP, and former federal prosecutor, Matt Keogh spoke in the House of Representatives outlining how this won’t even save the government any money, it’s just shifting staff around on paper.

And on Friday, in Senate estimates, Senator Murray Watts drilled down to the fine details. Over a series of questions, it came to light that the admin staff on third party contracts are already getting paid 3% less then their colleagues at the next desk while the CDPP is paying the labour hire provider between 25-28% on top of their salaries. The community is losing out with CDPP work under threat, the taxpayer is losing out and staff are losing out- the only winners in this terrible deal are the private companies.

The CPSU is campaigning to end these labour hire arrangements and get a better deal for the CDPP

We can’t let this go on, clearly labour hire arrangements in the public service are out of control. If you are already a member, have a chat to a colleague about this situation, and ask them to join today. If you aren’t already a member, then what are you waiting for? Join online now.

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