Chronic understaffing at ATO needs a permanent fix

CPSU members believe chronic understaffing needs a permanent fix and we cannot do it alone - join the CPSU.

The ATO has recently acknowledged the fantastic work you do, especially when dealing with the unprecedented call volumes this tax time. CPSU members have always been proud of the valuable contribution their work does in providing services to the Australian public.

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This significant workload pressure is because the ATO and the Federal Government have not provided adequate staffing to meet the increase in workloads. Instead more than 6,000 permanent jobs have been slashed in the past few years and replaced with thousands of casual and labour hire workers to cope with normal business as usual workloads. The decision to not invest in stable jobs is not a sustainable future for the ATO or its workers. Employing staff on casual contracts, instead of offering permanent work, is not in the best interests of the ATO, its employees, or the Australian community. The CPSU believes public service work should be secure work and the ATO should address its chronic staff shortages by making jobs permanent and only using casual and labour-hire employment for genuine intermittent work.

You know by now that CPSU members in the ATO across the country are advocating for secure jobs for you and your colleagues. You have the choice to support this; the more people who choose to join our union, the more resources we have, and the more seriously employers take us. Make the right choice - join the CPSU.


The ATO’s current approach is a band aid fix to a long-term problem, we need permanent jobs in the ATO. Join the CPSU today.