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In this update:

  • Workplace health and safety across the Courts – who is your local health and safety rep?
  • Registrars – policy allocating Registrars across the Family and Federal Circuit Courts
  • Bargaining – Courts respond (poorly) to CPSU information about the progress in other agencies

Workplace health and safety

We think there are some gaps when it comes to health and safety arrangements in the Courts. We have written to the Courts asking for information about the current workplace health and safety structures, and to be involved in negotiations and discussions about health and safety obligations under the Act for the “new” Courts. If you are currently a HSR, please email Leonie Henricks letting us know.

Allocation of Registrars across the Family and Federal Circuit Courts

Yesterday, we contacted the Courts seeking an update on the review of this policy and are awaiting a response. If you are a Registrar and have feedback on how this policy has affected your role, please email Also, if you are not a Registrar but have experienced changes to work practices from this process, please let us know.

Bargaining – it’s not you… it’s them

Last week we wrote to the Courts about some exciting developments from a number of recently approved agreements and negotiations underway elsewhere in the public service. For example, the newly certified Air Traffic Controllers agreement in Air Services includes a commitment to pre-decision consultation and facilitation of employee representation. These are issues we know are also important for staff in the Courts.

Court management’s response suggests the reason they are cutting conditions is all about what they want and not about the Government’s policy. Here’s some of what management wrote: “We do not accept that bargaining has been constrained by the Government’s bargaining policy and the Court’s bargaining team have been bargaining in good faith and on the basis of what is suitable to the Court as an enterprise”.

That’s disappointing and it tells us that we need to show the Courts what is important and hold them accountable.

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  • Get more involved by becoming a CPSU contact or delegate in your work area

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