Courts moving to a second vote

I am writing to provide you with an update on bargaining, and to ask you to join our union. Your colleagues who are members have taken action and shown they have the strength to shift management's offer – but to keep the pressure on and ensure an agreement that is fair, we need you to join, and vote NO to management’s slightly improved but still unfair offer. 

At today’s bargaining meeting the Courts management team confirmed they will be putting their revised offer out to an all staff vote, next week. 

In short - while the Court has made some changes, the offer still fails to deliver equity across the Courts and cuts important existing rights and conditions. Importantly, the offer is still less than what the Courts could offer under the Government’s bargaining policy. The CPSU recommends all staff vote NO to this offer.   

Whilst the revised offer provides a 5% pay increase for FCA employees with equalisation for FC and FCC employees, there is a range of significant conditions that have been cut. The decision to preserve redundancy and retention provisions is for Federal Court staff only which is a concern given prospective changes and re-organisation. Federal Court staff will also be working almost a week extra without compensation. Other cuts include the right to be consulted before changes affect you, family friendly conditions, studies assistance, profession al membership fees, and rights for delegates making it harder for them to help you and colleagues. 

We have requested paid time for us to meet with you and colleagues about the offer. Your local delegate and organiser will let you know about CPSU meetings this week. I strongly encourage all staff to attend these meetings to ensure you are able to make an informed decision in the vote next week. 

Your voice and your NO vote will make a difference. We ask you to join us in our union and join us in voting No to another unfair offer. Voting No is the next step in getting deal that is fair for all Courts staff.

In unity

Rupert Evans, Deputy National President 

P.S. Please see your delegate about signing the petition for conciliation. When this offer is rejected we want swift assistance from the Fair Work Commission for genuine discussion on the real matters needed to resolve bargaining

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