Courts staff

Today is your last chance to vote in the all staff ballot on the Court’s proposed agreement.

The ballot closes today at 5pm AEST (that’s 4.30pm in Adelaide and Darwin, and 3.00pm in Perth)

To vote, follow the voting instructions from Cirrena IVS (the Court’s ballot agent). If you have difficulty voting, contact Cirrena IVS on 1300 856 187.

The CPSU strongly recommends that all staff VOTE NO. Heres a few reasons why

  1. You deserve to be treated with respect and valued for your work.
  2. The offer is among the worst in the service and your conditions are already below average.
  3. The pay offer is half what everyone else is getting, even worse if you consider the delays.
  4. Massive cuts to redeployment and retention rights, from both Family and Federal Court conditions.
  5. Cuts to your right to have a say before workplace decisions affect you.

Whatever you think of the offer, we encourage you to participate in this ballot.

It is worth noting that the Fair Work Act has mechanisms we can use to ensure that the Courts do not unfairly delay negotiations. Your current rights and entitlements remain in place until a new agreement is accepted by a majority of employees and registered as an enterprise agreement.

You can get more information from the CPSU Courts Campaign Page about the offer, or read below for some of the detail on why we recommend NO.

Here are three things you can do that will make a difference:

  1. Join the CPSU. The best arguments secure nothing when your employer knows people won’t back those arguments with action.
  2. Talk with your colleagues and family about what is happening. You can tell a lot about a government by the way it treats its workers.
  3. Vote NO. Your current conditions will remain unless a majority of those voting agree. 

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