Courts staff resoundingly reject first offer

Well, that’s a clear rejection! 80.9% participating and 90.4% voting NO. 

Loud and clear – standing up for respect

Thanks for making the time to examine the Court’s first offer in detail and make an informed decision. We believe you have made history today as the first time staff in the Courts have rejected an offer. A good decision and with good reason.

The Courts must do better and the way forward is clear. We need an agreement that values all staff and recognises the tremendous sacrifices staff have made since amalgamation. 

If you are not a CPSU member and you voted NO, your choice to join our union is fundamental to improving any future offer from the Courts. You can join online here

Thank you to the many CPSU delegates who worked to ensure members and employees could make an informed decision. I’d also like to acknowledge the efforts and support of your CPSU bargaining team, Athena Sikiotis, Anthony Gordon, Chris Cole, Monica Coleman, Kevin Jenkins and Susan Jenkins who will continue to faithfully represent your views and advocate for your rights.

The plan from here – an offer that values you

We plan to return to negotiations as soon as possible. The Fair Work Act has mechanisms we can use to ensure that the Courts do not unfairly delay negotiations. 

Our agenda is the same, a pay offer that resolves pay equity, maintains your wages and maintains the rights and conditions of all staff. We have a clear list of conditions that need to be improved. Until then, your current rights and conditions are protected in the 2011 Federal Court, and Family Court agreements.

We will have CPSU meetings soon to talk about next steps. It is clear that Courts staff want a fair agreement, and it is CPSU members that will craft the way forward from here. 

Everyone deserves better – be part of making it happen

Many who voted to reject the Courts substandard agreement value and rely on CPSU information to help them make a decision. CPSU delegates do a great job, but we could do an even better job if more colleagues were in our union. Without members like you we don’t exist. 

Please join our union, or have a chat with a colleague about joining. Being union is definitely a team effort, it’s another reason I think CPSU members make the public service better. 

In unity

Leonie Henricks, National Commonwealth Courts Organiser

p.s. Enjoy your day, congratulations on taking a great first step to getting a fairer deal!

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