Courts vote outcome

Once again welcome to our new members this week.

Staff have made the clear decision to accept the third Courts proposed Enterprise Agreement, with 78% participation and 96% voting YES.

CPSU members can be very proud of the part you have played in sticking together; securing and improving your rights and conditions.

Your choice to be a union member has made the difference

It has been a long and difficult journey and it is your actions that have held off the prolonged, ideological attack from this Government.

It’s worth remembering we’ve come a long way from the first offer which slashed your rights and conditions and cut your pay. Each time you voted NO and took action, inch by inch, the Courts had to improve their offer and finally agree to Fair Work Commission mediation.

Together we made history with two huge NO votes and 43 rounds of industrial action. CPSU members forced the Government to change their approach and your action meant that the Courts finally had to work with the CPSU bargaining team on an outcome.

Your CPSU bargaining team representatives and I would like to say thank you to each and every union member for your part in the campaign.

Please join us in thanking your CPSU delegates.

Our delegates are regarded as some of the best in the union movement and are critical in connecting members and building our strength. We’d also like to acknowledge your local CPSU organisers in helping you to campaign for your rights.

The plan from here – making sure we are ready!

Please come to a CPSU lunchtime meeting in the next few weeks to talk about the many ongoing and significant restructures and what you need us to raise on your behalf in consultation with Courts management.

Our experience through this campaign demonstrates just how important it is that we have a strong and growing union to hold the Courts to account, and for whatever comes next.

If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join your union today. Now we have secured an enterprise agreement that ensures your conditions and provides long overdue pay rises, we need to plan to respond to the challenges facing Courts workers. We are all in this together, and we need everyone to be with us if we are going to change the rules.

Yours in unity

Rupert Evans, Deputy National President