Your union, the CPSU, has started the new year where we left off 2017; working hard to represent the interests of our members in AACQA. Please see below for an update on how we are working with you to support your important work, as well as the opportunities for you to improve your working life by getting involved in the union.

Taking your concerns seriously

CPSU and ANMF surveying last year brought to light a number of concerns, especially amongst the quality surveyor workforce. Our survey got a high response rate and reinforced findings from the earlier APS staff census, as well as providing a deeper understanding of a range of issues more specific to AACQA:

  • Broad concerns about change management practices within the organisation
  • Issues with the implementation of CER and CAAT
  • Scheduling of visits and a negative impact on work/life balance
  • Concerns around timeframes for site visits and report writing
  • A lack of promotion opportunities and professional development for experienced AACQA surveyors and
  • Issues relating to bullying and harassment within the organisation.

We’ve met with AACQA senior management, and have formally written to CEO Mr Nick Ryan to convey the concerns of members and staff. Our engagement with management has been broadly positive to date, but there is still a long way to go in dealing with this range of matters in a meaningful way. Your union will be looking to engage with members on these issues as we progress.

Speaking up for you

AACQA staff would be very aware of the governmental focus on the Aged Care sector at the moment. While keeping a close eye on the ongoing Senate enquiry relating to Oakden, the CPSU is also finalising a submission to the new Parliamentary Inquiry into Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia. Many of the issues surveyors have identified are relevant to this Inquiry.

CPSU members will be able to read the submission early next week. Those who are not yet members can join here to stay informed on the union’s involvement with the Inquiry and to have your voice heard.

Listening to you

In light of the range of issues affecting the working lives of AACQA staff, the union will soon be advertising meetings around the country to talk with you and plan how we best work together to ensure the best possible outcomes on these matters. We’ve advised management that we believe a round of paid-time meetings are necessary in the circumstances and are waiting on a response.

Watch this space for notice of these meetings that will benefit from your participation.

CPSU Member Benefits

The CPSU works hard to ensure our members get the best possible benefit from your union membership. Watch this space for news of a new membership benefits package in addition to current membership benefits such as our free income protection insurance for members who are off work due to an injury on the way to or from work. 

Our exciting new member benefits program will include:

  • Savings on supermarket and petrol purchases;
  • Discount health and travel insurance;
  • Savings on gift cards from a wide range of major retailers; and
  • Much, much more!

The new CPSU Member Benefits program will be launched with members next week. 

Get on board

The CPSU is committed to continuing to work with our members in AACQA to improve your working conditions, opportunities and access to a balanced life. The work we have highlighted above will have the best outcomes when we all work together. Play your part, support your colleagues and have your say by joining the CPSU today.