CPSU advocates for secure jobs in ACT Government

CPSU delegates have raised concerns about the increase of insecure work across the ACT Government. CPSU understands both the significant personal impact of being employed on non-ongoing and casual arrangements (or though labour hire companies who can seek to undermine staff’s pay and conditions) and the impact on  workload and service delivery in the ACT Government.

CPSU members report that they are deeply concerned at the increase of these types of employment arrangements across the sector.  Your CPSU representatives know that these arrangements should only be used if work is genuinely intermittent or casual in nature and not to address staffing shortfalls, rostering requirements or work that is ongoing.

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CPSU has worked closely with your elected workplace delegates to collate information regarding the impact of insecure work in ACT Government and we have developed a submission to the Inquiry into the extent, nature and consequence of insecure work in the ACT. CPSU thanks our workplace delegates for their valuable input into this important submission.

CPSU members believes that the ACT Government should be a best practice employer that supports ongoing and permanent jobs for Canberra’s rather than using employment arrangements that undermines secure work.

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A snapshot of our key CPSU recommendations

  • Introduce stronger Government policies to limit keeping people on multiple non-ongoing contracts and create clear pathways for permanent employment and career progression.
  • That ACT Government make the outsourced labour hire numbers publicly known in their annual State of the Service report as a measure of accountability.
  • ACT Government should introduce labour hire licensing to ensure protection of workers under labour hire companies by ensuring companies are complying with licence conditions, which will involve giving employees proper working conditions and entitlements.
  • Expand the ACT Portable Long Service Leave scheme to government contractors to ensure that they still get their entitlements when they move between employers and contracts.

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