CPSU delegates support Indigenous Literacy

Above: CPSU delegates and members at ATO Chermside

ABC delegates in Brisbane took a negative experience and turned it into something positive

An ABC member recently worked hard to arrange a workplace NAIDOC event, which was not promoted by management and didn’t get the numbers hoped for.

When the local CPSU delegates became aware of this disappointing experience, they decided to work together to turn it around and participate in the Great Book Swap, an event that raises funds for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

By collecting and selling second-hand books in the workplace, delegates and members raised funds which the Indigenous Literacy Foundation then used to purchase new and culturally appropriate books to be given to remote indigenous communities.

The Brisbane event was overwhelmingly positive with hundreds of books collected and $350 raised for the ILF.

As an added bonus, all left over books were donated to a small book store in Brisbane that works with refugee groups teaching English as a second language.

The event has now gone national

This event has now been taken on by CPSU delegates and members in a number of other workplaces across South Qld, including the ATO (pictured above) and we have just passed the $4,000 mark for the total raised.

ATO delegates around the country have also got on board and are organising events this week and next week. 

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