CPSU delegates win on safety concerns in NDIA

The quick action of CPSU Delegates and Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) has seen a serious risk to worker's health and safety in NSW workplaces resolved this week.

Some staff at NDIA had been directed to change their email signatures to all external recipients to include a large amount of personal information, including full name, direct phone number and for some staff working hours. Providing these full details makes it very easy for a member of the public to find and target NDIA staff members either inside or outside of the workplace.

CPSU Delegates, HSRs and organisers jumped on the issue, and with CPSU resources and expertise the problem was solved within 24 hours. We’re pleased to advise that we have received confirmation from national management that:

“there was not a direction from a central point that employees were required to included (sic) their full names and contact details on external emails to participants.”

This advice has come from NDIA’s General Manager of Service Delivery.

This means that NDIA staff only need to include the following in their email signatures to external recipients:

  • First Name
  • Service delivery team
  • Region (eg Nth NSW)
  • 1800 800 110

If you work for the NDIA and have any ongoing concerns regarding this issue, please contact your local HSR, union delegate or your union organiser.  Union members can access the member service centre on 1300 137 636 for immediate advice and support – if you’re not a union member join here to access this, and other supports and services.

CPSU delegates and HSRs in NDIA workplaces are taking action to solve problems and ensure your health and safety is the priority.