CPSU elections are now open

Elections for a range of CPSU positions, including National Secretary, are now open. We encourage all members to have a say.

You can read the candidate statements for the position of CPSU National Secretary here.

And you can read the candidate statements for other contested positions on the CPSU Governing Council here.

When is voting open?

The ballot opened on Wednesday 15 November 2017 and closes at 10am (AEDT) on 13 December 2017.

How do I vote?

The AEC will send ballot papers to all members eligible to vote who were financial as at Wednesday 30 August 2017.

Please fill out your ballot paper(s) and post it as soon as possible, and before the ballot closes at 10am (AEDT) on Wednesday 13 December 2017.

What ballots can I vote in?

All members can vote in the National Secretary election. There are also various elections underway for positions on the CPSU Governing Council and for positions on Section Councils.

Members who are in the relevant electorate can vote in these elections as well. For example, all members in the Statistics Section will get to vote in the Statistics Section Secretary election. A list of all nominations received for all positions is available here.

Candidate statements

Candidates for National Officer positions and positions on Governing Council were given the opportunity to provide a 250 word statement to be published on the CPSU website. You can read the candidate statements we received from candidates here.

Will there be elections in all sections?

No. For a range of vacant CPSU positions, the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of positions available. In this situation, those candidates have been declared unopposed by the AEC. You can find a full list of uncontested candidates who have been declared elected here.

Didn’t get a ballot paper?

The Australian Electoral Commission is responsible for posting ballot papers to eligible members at the time the ballot opens. If you are concerned that your papers have not turned up, please contact Rhys Richards who is the AEC Returning Officer on (02) 9375 6362 or via email nswelections@aec.gov.au.

Alistair Waters, CPSU National President