CPSU members in ASQA

We are listening

Thank you to everyone who has attended a workplace meeting in the last couple of weeks and for reiterating your views on consultation, delegate’s rights and the importance of having a say on change in the workplace. Thank you also to all members, and a few non members, who have taken the time to respond to our survey sent last Monday. 

We are talking

Your CPSU bargaining team spoke about the results of our survey and general feedback from members at the bargaining meeting last week. The CPSU were surprised at the management team’s response when they dismissed the feedback instead of checking this with their own workforce themselves. The CPSU continues to be inundated by feedback via email and calls outlining their frustration at how the process of bargaining and reducing staff numbers is being conducted. 

We are fighting

ASQA staff have told us that consultation in ASQA is done poorly. Feedback consistently tells us that the ongoing ‘restructure’ is clear evidence of how poorly ASQA management consult with staff and their representatives. The current restructure that is not termed a restructure by ASQA highlights the need for robust consultation clauses. Without these protections for staff, the current and future restructures will only get worse as clauses relating to consultation become unenforceable.

The CPSU wrote to ASQA management last week requesting answers to questions and feedback from members originally tabled on 12th May, 2017. Management wrote back to the CPSU on 14 June 2017 stating that they had consulted with staff properly. There were still no answers to the outstanding questions and ASQA have refused to acknowledge that the changes to the ASQA workplace constitute a restructure. The CPSU will talk with members and consider escalating the matter in a meeting with management.

We are winning

The CPSU is winning back content in many APS agencies. Why not in ASQA? Inadequate consultation in ASQA has led over 90% of respondents to our survey and emails to tell us that they want ASQA to retain commitments in the agreement that are being won back in other APS agreements. Some of these include, workplace delegates rights, aspects of effective consultation and the right to access the dispute process if they are breached. Restoring the agreement content that the CPSU is winning in other agencies should also be given to ASQA staff. This would be a significant improvement on the draft presented to staff last December.

We are needing…

…your help. We can get the message out there, we can build membership. We can let ASQA know that retaining your EA content is important to you and the very least you expect after a lengthy and tiring battle to save your agreement.

Members: Click here to read the letter to ASQA management (log in required) or see one of your delegates for a hard copy.