CPSU members reject ABC management’s 1.7% pay offer

Yesterday CPSU members voted to reject the ABC’s pay offer and voted in favour of negotiating a better long term deal.

Management offered a 1.7% payrise and a one year agreement with minimal changes to other conditions.

More than 40 percent of CPSU members voted in the ballot, with 56% of those who voted rejecting management’s offer. This result is consistent with staff feedback from the joint CPSU-MEAA meetings which have been held across the country in the last fortnight.

As one CPSU member put it “My rent has gone up four times over the life of this agreement and my electricity cost has almost doubled. This offer would send my wages backwards. If the ABC’s Executives can find $2 milliion to fund their executive bonus pool , they should be able to find the money to fund a fair pay increase for the frontline staff who actually make the ABC’s programs and put those programs to air.”

Other feedback from members noted that Australian media organisations have paid their workers 2% increases, and Federal MPs just received a 2% pay increase last week.

The CPSU and MEAA are meeting with the ABC management this morning to communicate these results and begin the next steps for a better long term deal.

The best way to do this is to build our power. ABC staff are angry about leadership failures which have caused much anguish for staff and audiences alike, and which have brought the reputation of the ABC into disrepute. These include casual underpayment to the tune of potentially millions, last year’s leadership turmoil which resulted in a Senate Inquiry into ABC governance, the sizeable termination payout of the previous Managing Director and Executive bonuses.

The best way to ensure ABC staff get a good deal is join the CPSU. Can you forward this on to a colleague and ask them to join today? We are stronger together and together we can get a better offer. www.cpsu.org.au/join

* A total of 45 votes were disqualified from the ballot; 40 votes because they were submitted anonymously and could not be verified, and an additional 5 votes because they were duplicates.

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