CPSU News at Geoscience Australia

A quick update about the CPSU News at Geoscience Australia.

Laboratory outsourcing

The CPSU has been informed by email of a plan to outsource Geoscience’s important laboratory work within the next 2-3 years.

We have received member feedback that indicates  unanimous opposition to the planned outsourcing.

The CPSU believes that scientific integrity is the foundation of Geoscience Australia, and that a key aspect of maintaining that integrity is to keep important laboratory work in-house.  We need you to join and help us campaign to keep the science in Geoscience Australia.  You can join the union, or contact your organiser at megan.baker-goldsmith@cpsu.org.au to provide your feedback and get involved.

Mental wellbeing at work

Do you feel like your workplace is a positive place to be? A place where you are respected and supported, where you have some control over your tasks and your efforts are recognised and appreciated?

Please join thousands of your colleagues in the APS to tell us about the culture in your workplace.

Our members believe every worker deserves dignity and respect, a safe and sustainable workplace, decent pay and conditions, rights at work, and a balanced working life.

Your responses will form part of an APS wide campaign to improve mental wellbeing in the APS.

Together we provide a voice for all workers, support and promote a strong independent public sector, and make a difference. Stand with us and become a member today.