The CPSU recommends you vote NO

The CPSU has held a positive agenda in negotiations and CPSU members have simply called for a fair deal on pay, a real retraining and redeployment plan, and a genuine say on voluntary redundancy and job swaps. Telstra’s proposed enterprise agreement fails to deliver and, given Telstra’s job cuts and attacks on Long Service Leave, CPSU representatives and our union partners are asking you to vote NO. 

Telstra needs to do better - a strong rejection of their offer is the way to win improvements. 

What’s good about the Telstra offer

After strong pressure from the CPSU and other union members, Telstra agreed to keep existing redundancy entitlements. Union campaigning secured certainty on redundancy if Telstra decides to split their business up in the future; that means, the Telstra EA applies if you are transferred to another Telstra company. 

Telstra is offering nothing in the way of improvements.

How to respect people – reward effort 

Telstra made $3.9 BILLION DOLLARS PROFIT after tax last year, and say they’ll probably make more this year. While the industry faces a range of challenges, your efforts mean Telstra continues to make huge profits but their pay offer is less than the cost of living. It means:

Workstream employees would only get 1.5% salary increase each year, but at the same time would see their incentive scheme ripped out of the EA and only guaranteed for the first year.

Job Family employees would continue to compete for part of a 1.5% pay pool. This unfair system sits outside the EA and means many get less than 1.5%, while thousands get nothing. 

How to respect people – help them through hard times 

Through no fault of their own, about one in three Telstra staff is threatened by the scale of Telstra’s 9500 job cuts. 

Genuine voluntary redundancies should help those staff wanting to stay when some are willing to accept redundancy. When enough affected staff are willing to accept redundancy, other staff shouldn’t be targeted. 

Job swaps, retraining and reskilling should be maximised when there’s a plan to cut 9,500 jobs. Job swaps make voluntary redundancies work by giving staff who want to stay more options to do so. Telstra needs to commit to real and tangible plan that helps staff retrain and reskill for the future. 

Telstra can do better – here’s how you help them find respect

  1. Vote NO when the vote opens next voting opens on Monday 6 August (vote closes Friday 10 August 2018). 
  2. Tell your mates why you’re voting NO and ask them to vote NO – the more reject this offer, the bigger the message you send. Download and print a bulletin for your workplace
  3. Help grow the CPSU in Telstra to support the work that needs to be done - the more people who join the union, the stronger our voice.