CPSU secured commitments in ATO

We are the union that secured commitments on pay, super, consultation and rights

CPSU members are responsible for these commitments from the ATO as it would not have happened without CPSU members and delegates raising the issues – isn’t it time you joined?

Back pay and pay rates reinstated

Today casuals who were formerly non-ongoing staff have got their pay rates reinstated and back pay going back as far as a year.

CPSU members secured this massive win on behalf of former non-ongoing staff who transitioned to casual contracts earlier this year. By joining their union, casual CPSU members worked together to have their rate of pay reinstated to the level they were being paid at while they were non-ongoing, they also secured back pay from the start of their casual contracts.

This is a single example of collective action. We have more work to do, and the more union members, the more outcomes like this on our horizon. Join us.

About the proposed s24(1) determination for your future pay

Our union members were clear from the get-go that any support for a determination was contingent on preserving all current entitlements including those contained in the National Consultative Forum Terms of Reference and the Protocol. Members were also understandably concerned that any pay rise provided for by a determination could be revoked by the Commissioner at any time.

 The CPSU has secured the following commitments in writing from the ATO: 

  • Consultation and delegates rights’ are protected through the NCF Terms of Reference (assured by continuation of the enterprise agreement) as well as a commitment to maintain the Protocol outlined in the ATO’s proposed determination.
  • Salary and allowance increases will not be reversed and will be maintained even after the determination has expired.
  • Salary in the determination will be used as the salary for superannuation purposes. The enterprise agreement stipulates superannuation contribution is based on 101% of salary.
  • Wording to this effect is now in the proposed determination.

The CPSU is a union of workers and one of the reasons we reserved support for a determination is we make decisions based on what our members want. Our union members and delegates have had lengthy and robust discussions around our future options. Join us to be part of the conversation.

While it’s certainly not universal and most members have profound concerns, they pragmatically consider a section 24.1 determination as the best option at this time to protect valuable conditions and secure a pay rise.

We do not want this to become the standard for setting conditions in the Australian Public Service. We have been facing an unprecedented fight over the past six years and will certainly continue this fight for genuine negotiations and secure jobs. Help protect your rights into the future by joining my union today. Joining is easy and membership is tax deductible. Call 1300 137 636 to join over the phone.

New CPSU National Secretary Melissa Donnelly shares what she is most proud of from her time at the CPSU so far

"During our Safeguard campaign in the last round of bargaining, we got a deal in the ATO that kept critical rights and conditions that the Government was threatening, and that a huge majority of members valued. It also paved the way for settlements in other agencies. I’m incredibly proud of our delegates and members for what we achieved in that campaign at a time when the government were pushing so hard to cut rights and drive down wages and conditions."

Find out more about our new National Secretary here.

PS we are also the union who campaigned and won millions of dollars in back pay for casuals and shiftworkers at our national broadcasters – the ABC and SBS. Be part of making a difference – join us