CPSU standing up for DFAT's APO workers

We're working with delegates, members and management at DFAT to provide valuable support

We continue to be overwhelmed by the work our members are doing to support different aspects of the COVID-19 response, including volunteering to assist at Services Australia.

However, we are receiving reports that DFAT workers in Australian Passport Offices are not being told these placements are intended to be with staff agreement as per the Department’s 7 April Redeployment FAQs and current APSC advice.

We have written to the APO with a view to urgently resolve this issue so it is more in line with the rest of the Department and the APS more widely.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions on how DFAT could improve its COVID-19 response please let us know so we can continue to raise and work through any issues with the Department.

You’re never alone when you’re in a union.

While you may not see your local rep in person as we continue to move to home based work – local delegates and CPSU organisers have asked me to remind you that they’re still there to represent and support members.

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