Cracks appear in the Government’s staffing cap

The Government’s hostile staffing cap is finally starting to crack – thanks to CPSU members.

Under questioning today in Senate Estimates, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was finally forced to admit that the public sector might need more staff, acknowledging that ‘at some point, there will be growth in the size of the public sector’. In other words, cracks are beginning to appear in the Government’s hostile and impractical public sector staffing cap. 

This news follows the big announcement last week of 800 more staff for the NDIA – a direct result of CPSU campaigning and a great win for staff in the NDIA and the thousands of Australians with a disability who rely on the NDIS. 

This is huge news, and it hasn’t happened by accident.  

CPSU members have been campaigning hard and building community awareness of the problems created by understaffing in the public sector. We have drawn a direct link between the impact on public services and staffing levels.  

What next? 

It is, however, clear from Minister Cormann’s comments that staffing increases are not automatic or guaranteed, and Departments and agencies will need to make a strong case about why they need more staff.

This means we need to keep working, in every single agency, to show where and how inadequate staffing has caused critical problems for the delivery of services.

In the meantime, spread the word about this important change and let’s keep up the pressure.

Read more about what Minister Cormann said here

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