DAWE Policy consultation

Leave Policy and Travel Policy – Have your say!

As foreshadowed, policy consultation has started now the section 24(1) determinations have been signed off are in place.

The Leave Policy and Travel Policy have been released for consultation - they are attached at right. Please send your feedback on the Leave Policy here by 28 May and Travel Policy by 1 June here.

The CPSU has been working with the department on a list or priority policies to be addressed first. Members will be pleased to know the Outdoor Work Policy is high on this list and we’ll need your input soon.

Returning to your usual place of work

The APSC released advice for departments about employees returning to their normal place of work and the department is now working on a plan based on this advice.

We want you to feel confident the department has assessed the risks and has done everything to minimise those risks. That means a safe and sensible approach in full consultation with you, your union representatives and health and safety representatives.

Physical distancing requirements will still apply, and it is likely there will be many employees who will need to continue to work from home. The CPSU has written to the department to ensure there is full consultation with the union and health and safety representatives as employees return to the workplace. We have a meeting to discuss this and the “Return to Work” risk assessment.

If you have concerns about how the return to work process is happening at your worksite please get in touch with your local CPSU delegate and your health and safety representative straight away.

I want to acknowledge our members who have continued to work from their usual place of work throughout the pandemic. We know the nature of your roles means you cannot work from home and we appreciate the work you have done on behalf of all of us.

Know Your Rights – Use of Private Vehicle

Remember, if you received approval to use your private vehicle for work purposes during the COVID-19 response you will be eligible for the Motor Vehicle Allowance (MVA) under clause 5.31 of the Department of Environment and Energy Enterprise Agreement.

Got a workmate who’s not in CPSU?

Talk to them about joining today by getting a membership form from your workplace delegate or joining online at www.cpsu.org.au/join. There is a lot going on and imagine how much more we could achieve if your colleagues made the choice to join?