Defence employees

Latest CPSU updates before you vote:

1.  The CPSU can’t recommend this offer to staff: The CPSU Defence section council, bargaining team and delegates are recommending that members vote NO.  The action that Defence members have taken means this offer is better than the last one, but it is still not good enough. This offer still reduces your rights and conditions and still fails to provide fair pay outcomes. Voting No means we keep our current DECA. However in recommending a NO vote, we also recognise that Defence members are suffering from a three year wage freeze.

2.  “No loss of conditions” - Good enough for ADF, good enough for us: ADF personnel were told this week that their new 'Workplace Remuneration Agreement' (WRA) would likely contain “2 per cent per annum over a three-year period with no loss of conditions of service".  We support our ADF members and believe they should be recognised for the work they do appropriately, which cannot be done with such a low pay offer.  Keeping their conditions is important and it’s also important to us.  This offer highlights the hypocrisy of the government’s hard-line bargaining policy and their disrespect for their APS workforce.  We agree with recently retired Defence Department Secretary Dennis Richardson, who consistently argued that putting one group ahead of the other in Defence would undermine “decades of being together and working together".

3.  Reminder to talk to colleagues and ask them to vote. It is important for staff to have a voice over their future, pay and conditions. Remember to vote and ask your colleagues to vote. Share the CPSU traffic light document with interested colleagues.  

If you have any questions have a chat to your local workplace delegate, organiser or send an email to Any questions, please just ask.