Defence members

In these uncertain times, it’s important that you know that we’re here for you. In the past few weeks we’ve been assisting thousands of members with advice and support relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns about your working conditions, please contact us by email or call our Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.

The latest

Your safety, and the safety of those around you, is our number one priority. Following questions put to Defence by us, we have been advised that they are ramping up the use of working from home, in line with APSC guidance,

Defence is facilitating working from home wherever it is practicable. Employees who are most at risk of serious illness, should be working from home and if that is not possible, should be granted miscellaneous leave. We believe this should extend to employees who live with or care for someone who is at risk.

For those of you who are still required to attend work, your workplace should be adhering to social distancing principles and following the latest health and hygiene advice from the Department of Health and the Chief Medical Officer.

If you have any concerns or require assistance in advocating for working from home or any other matter, please contact us by email or call our Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.

In the midst of crisis, we come together

When it comes to your rights at work during a crisis, CPSU membership is your best defence. If your colleagues are not yet members, please encourage them to join. Like no other time in recent memory have Australians joined together for the common good.

Every new member helps us look after you, other Defence employees, the wider APS and the Australian community. They can join today online at

On behalf of the CPSU, stay safe, look after yourself and each other.

Yours in unity

Sam McCrone, CPSU Lead Organser

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