DHS Digest - 20 April

In this week's news:

Call Monitoring/Recording Consultation

DHS proposes to introduce call recording into Smart Centre, Channel Operations, Indigenous and Intensive Servicing, Customer Compliance, Customer Payment Services, Medicare Public, Medicare Providers, and Customer Service Branch. Find out more about what call recording means below:

Read more about Call Monitoring/Recording

30 minute rolling Strikes continue this week

Please be reminded that industrial action continues today. Members still have the opportunity to participate in rolling 30 minute strikes as outlined below. The days of strike action and times are as follows:

  • Thursday, 20 April: 7:00am to 20:30 local time
  • Friday, 21 April: 7:00am to 20:30 local time
  • Monday, 24 April: 7:00am to 20:30 local time
  • Wednesday, 26 April: 7:00am to 20:30 local time

We encourage all members to take as much strike action as they can afford.  Click on the links below for industrial action instructions and posters:

Union HSRs on the job

DHS has obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and regulations to ensure workers' health and safety. Two HSRs and CPSU organisers together conducted a workplace health and safety inspection at one of the biggest DHS service centres in the country recently. This initiative is part of our ongoing work to better support, equip and resource elected HSRs to improve workplace health and safety by solving problems affecting members. Union HSRs can access CPSU support to improve the quality of workplace inspections and solve other problems. If you are an HSR and CPSU member, join the CPSU Safety First Network by clicking on the button below:

Read more about Union HSRs on the job

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Smart Centres Urgent Payments trial 

Smart Centre staff have been advised by national managers about a trial in handling only urgent payments. The CPSU have been advised that the urgent payments trial applies to any Smart Centre that has telephony capacity. This is a first time that these difficult calls will be consolidated rather than be applied across the whole Smart Centre network.