DIBP employees

Last week the Department announced that it is no longer going to provide flu vaccinations for staff on site.

This decision was made without consultation or notice.

CPSU has today written to the Department with member concerns about the lack of consultation, health implications, and cost and inconvenience to staff.

Flu vaccinations are an important way to ensure a healthy workplace

The Department has offered a $20 reimbursement for staff who choose to have a flu vaccination, however, dependent on your vaccination provider there may be additional costs associated. The Department also hasn’t addressed leave arrangements for staff to attend these appointments.

On site flu vaccinations are a popular initiative amongst staff. This service is especially necessary as many staff across the Department provide face to face services dealing with high volumes of clients.

Sign the SNAP PETITION to keep on site flu vaccinations

The decision to not provide flu vaccinations on site is damaging, short sighted and not supported by staff. We call on the Department to reverse this decision and to continue to provide flu vaccinations on site.

Sign here or speak to your union delegate to support a petition telling the Department to keep providing flu vaccinations on site.

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