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DIIS EA 2019 negotiation

The first meeting of the year of the Enterprise bargaining parties was held this week. Amongst a number of proposals by management to be discussed in detail next week are suggested cuts to some of your conditions. The CPSU bargaining reps were surprised at the proposals given that, when discussing options for a determination with staff last year, the Department stated it was happy to retain the current terms and conditions and enable a 2% p.a. pay rise.

Once an entitlement is lost it is very hard to get it back.

The CPSU reps will continue to reject any erosion to current conditions while they prosecute your claim for improvements. This is a negotiation and it is important your reps know how you feel about management’s position, and how much you use/value your current entitlements.

Please complete this survey about the proposed cuts (which would affect all staff)

What cuts are management proposing?

  • Job Security: Consideration period for redundancy to be halved from two months to one month. Are you aware that DIIS redundancy provisions already offer less job security that the majority of other APS departments?
  • Heathy Lifestyle Subsidy: removed. Isn’t it important to have healthy employees?
  • Family assistance arrangements: Capping vacation care subsidy at two children. Should you be penalised for having a larger family?
  • Leave: Primary care giver leave to be removed or redefined. Have you accessed this form of leave?

While your reps defend what you already have, they intend to negotiate these aspects of our claim on 6 February:

  • A fair pay increase (including back-pay, if required)
  • Introduction of paid family and domestic violence leave
  • Consultation on workplace change, including any potential changes before any change is assured
  • Effective representation for your delegates

The union can deliver improvements provided the playing field and the rules are fair

The Bargaining Policy is hostile and is heavily weighted in management’s favour, but the union has successfully negotiated deals under it previously and we can do so at Industry. If the government changes at the next election there is a commitment to abolish the current policy and this will mean a better workplace for all.

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