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Sign our petition to support labour hire workers getting paid COVID-19 leave

Paid leave for COVID-19 would gives thousands of insecure workers peace of mind they’ll be able to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table if they contract or need to isolate because of the virus.

The International Labour Organisation says that, “in times of crisis, solidarity between workers and employers is paramount to address the impact of COVID-19”.

Unfortunately, neither DVA nor any of the twelve Labour Hire companies used by DVA have committed to providing COVID-19 leave. As a united force, we can demand employers and the federal government do the right thing.

If you are yet to sign the petition, please sign today and encourage a colleague to sign it. Thanks if you are one of almost 500 who’ve already added your name.

Vulnerable staff and working from home

We know 75% of staff are now working from home. DVA have committed to ensuring working from home arrangements for all vulnerable staff, even if it means a change to duties, and if that’s not possible access to paid miscellaneous leave. This is a relief for colleagues who are identified as vulnerable by the Department of Health and shows what happens when union members speak up about health and safety.

The Department of Health has guidelines about who is considered vulnerable and may be required to self-isolate or work from home. Please be aware of these arrangements and make sure they are being implemented in your area.

No change to working hours and flextime

While the majority of staff are working from home, this shouldn’t change your access to flextime. DVA have clarified recent advice from senior management and confirmed the current arrangements do not differ from the usual flextime arrangements. All staff continue to be able to access flexible work hours and arrangements.

The DVA 2019-2021 Enterprise Agreement states that

  • Flextime is available to all APS1-6 employees
  • Flextime enables variation of working hours, patterns and arrangements, to provide maximum organisational flexibility with benefits to clients, employees and DVA
  • While it is subject to agreement with their manager, agreement should not be unreasonably withheld.

If your access is being restricted, we want to know. Please let us know.

APS wide pay-freeze what it means for workers in DVA

On Thursday, the Morrison Government announced they would freeze wage increases for all public servants due a pay rise in the next twelve months. It does not affect annual individual salary increments that are due. The government’s decision means your next general pay increase would be 25 August 2021.

The CPSU have strongly opposed this measure. You can read more about this in media such as the Mandarin and Canberra Times.

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