Ensuring your workplace is mentally healthy

Your union is committed to ensuring your workplace is positive, healthy and supportive.

Here is our action plan – do you support it?

  1. Secure your agency’s commitment to mentally healthy work and workplaces by implementing Safe Work Australia’s national guidance on preventing psychological injury under WHS laws
  2. Work with your agency to effectively address specific problems and risks to workers’ health identified in our 2019 Mental Health and Wellbeing survey
  3. Establish Mental Health and Wellbeing Officers that are elected by staff to help monitor and work with your agency to ensure mentally healthy work and workplaces

Do you endorse the action plan and want it implemented in your agency?

And if you haven't already, there’s still time to complete our mental health and wellbeing survey!

Priorities from results so far include:

79% have witnessed or experienced excessive workloads, including staff carrying workloads for vacant positions that haven’t been back filled.

79 percent

Only 53% are provided with the resources and equipment they need to do their job well always or most of the time.

Only 44% know who their HSR is.

65% have witnessed or experienced changes made to your work, work structure, or workplace without consultation.

56% have witnessed or experienced bullying and harassment.


What are Psychosocial risks in the workplace?

Comcare says: “Risks to psychological health due to work should be viewed in the same way as other health and safety risks, and a commitment to prevention of work-related stress should be included in an organisation’s health and safety policies.”1

These risks are detailed in Safe Work Australia’s guidance material2 and include:

job demands, workplace support, workplace relationships, organisational change management, recognition and reward, organisational justice

1. Comcare (2018) Psychosocial hazards

2. Safe Work Australia (2019) Work-related psychological health and safety: A systematic approach to meeting your duties.