Fair Work to decide if the ABC breached the ABC Enterprise Agreement

National Restructure 2017 update

CPSU position

The CPSU filed paperwork last Tuesday asking the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to determine if the ABC has breached the Agreement (attached). The question at the centre of this dispute is Did the ABC breach clause 54.4.1 of the ABC Enterprise Agreement by selecting individual employees in ABC News and ABC TV for redundancy prior to consultation?

ABC’s response:

The ABC will have an opportunity to respond to the dispute with the FWC (see Timeline). In the interim the ABC sent the attached letter to the CPSU on Friday, in which they state that they plan to announce further job cuts this week, and they would like to consult about proposed redundancy selection processes for pools with staff and unions ASAP.

Next steps:

The CPSU and MEAA met with the ABC this morning and will provide a joint report back to members shortly. In the meantime if you would like more information please contact ABC Section Secretary Sinddy Ealy on (02) 8204 6987 or sinddy.ealy@cpsu.org.au