Flextime and you

If you’re employed under the NDIA Enteprise Agreement in the APS 1-6 levels you can access flextime. Flextime accrues when you work additional hours beyond your standard 7 hours, 30 minutes/day within the bandwidth. You can then access your accrued flextime when needed to manage short-term work absences.

We’ve attached a handy fact-sheet on how flextime should work for you. Members of the CPSU can access the union’s member service centre on 1300 137 636 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday to get assistance on accessing flextime and other workplace rights.

If you’re not a union member, and would like assistance on flextime or other workplace issues, you can join the union here

Flextime benefits both you and your employer; as shown in the case study below.

Case Study

Jane’s work telephone rings at 4:58pm, and she takes the call. The work phone call turns out to be a complex issue, and despite her normal pattern of hours having her finish work at 5:00pm, she remains on the phone until 5:45pm to resolve the issue. Jane fills in her time sheet, and sends her manager a quick email to explain that she accrued flex time.

Two weeks after accruing that flex time, Jane is driving to work and gets a flat tyre. She rings her manager and advises that she’s going to be late, as she needs to wait for the roadside assistance to come and change her tyre. Jane and her manager agree to use her accrued flextime to cover a shorter day at work.

End of financial year:

Union members will soon receive their statement of union fees paid for tax purposes. Your union membership fees are tax deductible, so make sure you provide a copy of this receipt to your accountant, or use it if doing your own tax form.

Once you get a tax return, you could drive your dollar even further by using your union member benefits to grab some discounted gift cards, or cheap cinema tickets to keep your family occupied during the winter school holidays.

To access your member benefits, go here.

If you’re not yet a union member, you can join here to begin accessing these benefits.