Government’s proposed changes are an attack on workers

After a year that saw Australian workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government has proposed new industrial relations laws that strip protections, cut take home pay, weaken bargaining rights, and attack job security.

The Bill fails the Government’s own test: workers will be worse off.

The Australian Union movement, including the CPSU, is campaigning against these proposed changes and speaking out for working people. Sign up to the campaign here.

We know that cuts to pay or loss of rights for working people will make our economic recovery harder and longer. We need a strong local economy where people have the confidence and job security to allow them to spend, buying local goods and services.

The Government’s changes will make jobs less secure; they will make it easier for employers to casualise permanent jobs and allow employers to pay workers less than the award safety net. This is the opposite of what the country needs.

This Bill swings the pendulum too far in favour of big business. It will leave us with a completely unbalanced system that will make jobs more insecure and it cut living standards for working people.

CPSU workplace activities and materials will be available shortly, with more information on the Government’s proposed changes, and how you can take action to stop them.

Make sure you sign up to the campaign here.