Happy World Public Service Day

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Happy World Public Service Day! June 23 is the United Nations day to recognise public sector workers for the important work you do to support communities and promote prosperity for all.

Thank you for the work you do to support the Australian community. CPSU members make our workplaces fairer and safer for everyone - become a member today.

During the pandemic, public sector workers have been the key to our response to the crisis: working on the frontline, making sure Australians had access to JobSeeker and JobKeeper when they needed it, protecting borders, providing up-to-the minute health advice, and many other things.  

Stylised text message exchange from Scott Morrison and CPSU about bad bargaining poilcy

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Instead of recognising the contribution of public sector workers, the Government introduced a new workplace bargaining policy that:

Is designed to hold down wages for federal public sector workers.

Sees workers voting on mystery pay deals, with unknown pay outcomes.

Makes it difficult to achieve improvements in an enterprise agreement, with the continuation of the “no enhancements” rule.

Doesn’t allow for genuine bargaining between agencies, employees, and unions. Instead, the Government determines the outcome.

So ... what's in this new policy?

  • Visit our Commonwealth Bargaining page for more information about the bargaining policy.
  • Join me for a CPSU member-only briefing about what's in the policy and our strategy to shift the Government’s position so there is fair and genuine bargaining in the federal public sector.

CPSU members stand for secure jobs and improved conditions, through a better bargaining policy. Together we can shift the Government’s position so that we have genuine bargaining in the federal public sector. 

Become a member today to help us shift the Government's position.

In unity,

Melissa Donnelly

National Secretary, Community and Public Sector Union


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