Home Affairs: Do you know what a section 24(1) determination is?

Do you know what a section 24(1) determination is?

Come along to a paid time meeting to find out!

Over the next few weeks staff around the country are virtually attending CPSU meetings to talk about the differences between a section 24(1) determination and bargaining.

Please pick the time that suits you – the schedule is at the end of this email.

Meetings are for up to one hour and you are allowed to attend on work time using Home Affairs’ Webex. As you will need your email address or phone to join this meeting, please refer to the privacy statement below about how your information will be treated.

This is your chance to ask all your questions and hear what your colleagues think.

The Department of Home Affairs is proposing to use a section 24(1) determination instead of negotiating an enterprise agreement; and they will be surveying you on this soon.

We want you to have all the information to make this decision, as well as what this means for the recently announced APS pay freeze and the timeline of events between now and next February.

The schedule for meetings

 Date  Access Meeting No. (access code)  Password
 Wed 13 May @ 12pm  Via Computer: Click here

 Via Phone: +61-2-9053-7190
780 150 403  aYTpZPP63@8

 (29879776 from phones) 
 Tues 19 May @ 10am  Via Computer: Click here

 Via Phone: +61-2-9053-7190
783 162 829  EkepWDM@754

 (35379361 from phones) 
 Tues 19 May @ 1pm  Via Computer: Click here

 Via Phone: +61-2-9053-7190
783 008 716  AkBPMBJ*576

 (25276250 from phones) 
 Thur 21 May @ 11am  Via Computer: Click here

 Via Phone: +61-2-9053-7190
782 271 591  pvXdYaS@663

 (78939271 from phones) 

To enter a Webex call, please refer to the table above. Either click on the link (with video), or dial in using the phone number (no video). If you have difficulties, you can read the Home Affairs manual for installing and using Webex on the intranet; or let your delegate and organiser know.

Privacy statement: This information is being collected for the purpose of CPSU campaigns aimed at improving and protecting your wages, conditions and rights at work and related activities of the CPSU. We may contact you at a later date. In providing us this information you agree to the CPSU collecting this information and handling it in accordance with our privacy policy. You can access our privacy policy, including information on use, disclosure, security, access, correction and complaints, here or by calling 1300 137 636.

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