Home Affairs head quizzed on link between cuts to entitlements and the wellbeing of staff.

Did you see any of the senate estimates this week? What were you views?

Senator Ciccone from Victoria asked Mr Pezzullo about the cap on sick leave that sees members losing their allowance if they have too much leave. You can read all about what this is and the risks we see here. But his questions mirror the issues we’ve repeatedly raised with the department. As Senator Ciccone said of the allowance “I believe that creates a considerable financial disincentive for staff to take appropriate leave to deal with health issues. Is it fair to say this incentive creates an unsafe work environment for those staff?”

And Pezzullo’s response? “We don't tolerate an unsafe work environment for our staff.”

“They did have choices in earlier ballots to choose potentially different outcomes, but they chose not to. In the end, under the Fair Work Act, we were obligated, being subject to an arbitrated outcome, to apply the workplace determination as determined by the commission.”

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