Home Affairs: They're still not taking your WLA!

After we sent you an email saying you could ignore the debt notice that you were sent about the Workplace Location Allowance... they sent invoices out to most people the next day! Can you believe it?

Just a whole lot more confusion for no reason. We contacted them again and have again received confirmation that they will not be chasing overpayments of any WLA. However – you may have been overpaid in more than one way. If your notice was about WLA and something else, they will still seek to recover the portion of money for the other issue. So check carefully and please clarify if there is any uncertainty about what has occurred in your situation.

The below is what the Department sent us:

"...The Department implemented a change to our HR Systems regarding Work Location Allowance (WLA).  As a result of changes the system identified both underpayments and possible overpayments or adjustments.There is no intention to pursue recovery action for overpayments or adjustments related to WLA.

Some staff will have received an automated debt notice and subsequent invoice that included WLA amounts.  Where this has occurred Support Connect will be in contact with each officer to explain what has occurred and confirm the money has not been deducted from their pay.  In instances where an invoice includes a WLA component Support Connect will work with officers to explain any outstanding amounts."