How to attend a Rally to CHANGE THE RULES near you


    RSVP to your CPSU organiser so we can kepe in touch about where to meet your fellow CPSU members on the day, and check the most up to date info about your local rally at CHANGETHERULES.ORG.AU

    Perth - 18 October, Solidarity Park, 11:00am  Email CPSU organiser to RSVP

    Melbourne - 23 October, Trades Hall, 10:30am  Email CPSU organiser Eleanor Kennedy to RSVP!

    Sydney - 23 October, Belmore Park, 12:00pm  Email the CPSU office to RSVP!

    Wollongong - 23 October, Wollongong Mall, 12:00pm Email the CPSU office to RSVP!

    Gladstone - 23 October, Marina Parklands Area E, 12:00pm RSVP

    Cairns - 23 October, Fogarty Park Sound Shell, 12:30pm RSVP

    Mackay - 23 October, Bluewater Quay, 12:00pm  RSVP

    Rockhampton - 23 October, Riverside Park Auditorium, 5:00pm RSVP

    Townsville - 23 October, Strand Park, 5:00pm RSVP

    Darwin 24 October, Cnr McMillans Rd and Rothdale Rd near Senator Scullions office, 4:00 to 5.30pm Email to RSVP!

    Hobart - 24 October, Franklin Square, 3:00pm Email CPSU organiser Robyn Huston to RSVP!

    Launceston - 24 October, Ockerby Gardens, 3:00pm RSVP on Facebook or email CPSU organiser Robyn Huston to RSVP!

    Burnie - 24 October, North West Regional Hospital, 3:00pm RSVP on Facebook or email CPSU organiser Robyn Huston to RSVP!

    Adelaide - 25 October, Parliament House, 12:00pm Email to RSVP!

    Newcastle, 30 October, Newcastle Town Hall, 10:00am Email the CPSU office to RSVP!

    Brisbane - 20 November, Emma Miller Place, 12:30pm RSVP

    Canberra - 20 November, Fair Work Commission, 12:30pm RSVP

    Here is the CPSU’s advice for attending: 

    You probably have questions about whether you can attend the rally. The answer is yes! You do, however, have to ensure you have flex or annual leave in order to be able to attend.

    • Like any citizen, public servants can engage in political activity, including lawful protests and rallies.
    • To attend a rally during your normal working hours, you need to use flex or annual leave. You should follow the usual procedures for leave approval for your workplace.
    • As with any other application for flex or annual leave, you do not need to advise your supervisor of the reason for the leave.
    • The Fair Work Ombudsman has put out advice warning workers not to take unprotected industrial action to attend the rally. If you use flex or annual leave to cover your attendance, then you are not engaging in industrial action. 
    • If you need further assistance from the union in relation to your application to take leave to attend the rally, please call the CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.

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