Huge win for ABC members

Together we have secured ongoing employment for hundreds of ABC contract and casual employees

Thanks to the collective efforts of union members in the ABC, at least 200 temporary ABC employees, who are not legitimately temporary employees any more, are in the process of being offered ongoing employment. This is a HUGE win for CPSU members in the ABC who have banded together for many years to oppose the casualisation of their workplaces.

It comes off the back of the leading work done by CPSU members last year to expose the systemic underpayment of the ABC’s casual workers. We welcome the decision by management to review their casual and contract employment practices in the ABC and look forward to it creating a fairer workplace and more secure jobs for ABC staff.

How did we get here?

CPSU members adopted an evidence-based approach when campaigning against ABC casualisation which ultimately lead to exposing $23m in underpayments, the intervention of the Fair Work Ombudsman, and now this win. Click here to read more.

Many conversions already confirmed – more to follow

A lot of work is still going on behind the scenes between the CPSU, ABC People and local managers. Victoria was the first cab off the rank with 333 temporary employment arrangements reviewed and 85 employees confirmed eligible for ongoing ABC positions.

We anticipate a similar trend for other states. CPSU members who have requested union representation in their individual negotiations have already received letters from the ABC confirming their ongoing employment.

If you have not been offered ongoing employment in this round and believe you should be made ongoing, please call us on 1300 137 636.

Due to the number of employment arrangements being reviewed, it’s possible the ABC has gotten some of the assessments wrong. The CPSU continues to successfully assist members to convert to permanent ABC employment independently of the ABC’s audit.

Wins like this don’t just happen – ABC union members make them happen

This is a great outcome for CPSU members and a testament to why having strong and vibrant union community in the ABC makes a big difference to your working conditions and job security.

Casual and contract problems date back many years, but it is only through the organised efforts of union members that real change happens in the ABC.

Now more than ever, ABC staff need the CPSU in your corner. With massive job cuts just around the corner, having the collective support and expertise of the union will make a real difference to what comes next. Talk to your colleagues about joining you as a CPSU member today.