Improving working life at the NDIS Commission...

The NDIS Commission has a huge responsibility to the community which requires vital skills and a lot of commitment from staff.

The CPSU is working hard to make life a bit better for staff at the Commission but it takes time and a strong membership to do this. Working together will help us to get the best possible outcomes.

The CPSU is regularly supporting members and working to improve the working life at the Commission:

  • Appropriate COVID-19 responses and promoting staff safety (CPSU safety check list)
  • Working to make the EL TOIL system fairer for 1s and 2s (report out next week)
  • Raising member issues at the WCC to help shape the work and culture at the Commission (see Intranet)
  • Providing individual members with support on issues around leave entitlements, WHS, SAP calculations, performance, working from home and HR matters
  • Getting some movement on backfilling vacant positions
  • Currently developing a CPSU submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the NDISQSC
  • Pushing to get more training and clearer mobility options for staff
  • Workplace Culture Survey results served to management in March 2020
  • Consistently raising the issue of resourcing and massive workloads (more to come on this)
  • Flagging up procedural and decision-making problems
  • A CPSU-wide campaign to lift the ASL cap, more ongoing roles and flexibility in working from home post-COVID
  • Negotiating your current EA and enforcing it
  • Building a network of five CPSU delegates around the country and increasing membership at all levels
  • Providing Journey Cover insurance as part of your CPSU membership

CPSU membership is tax deductable and you can get discounts on shopping, financial and legal services along with discounted goods and holidays. Skills/ Qualifications Grants and a will writing service. As a member you also have access to personalised support with workplace issues through the CPSU’s Member Services Centre. To see a full list of CPSU membership benefits please click here.

To join call 1300 137 636 or click here