Introducing One Mob

One Mob Unions NT is a Northern Territory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Union network that’s part of Unions NT. It was formed to provide a strong voice to speak up on Indigenous disadvantage. 
CPSU members and delegates have played an active part in One Mob since it was formed in 2016.
One Mob has just released its first newsletter, featuring contributions from the CPSU’s very own Kadeja James (Vice-Chair of One Mob) and Alma Hanna (recently elected NTPS Section Secretary). 
CPSU One Mob members are also involved in the CPSU National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Caucus (NATSIC).   NATSIC aims to give a voice to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander members  to the CPSU Governing Council, governments, employers and your fellow CPSU members.  For more information and to keep up to date visit our NATSIC campaign page.

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