It's tax time

When to expect your 2017/18 union fee tax statement/ invoice

At the end of each financial year, the CPSU sends members their union fee tax statement/invoice as soon as possible so they can complete their tax returns promptly.

The CPSU expects to start sending tax invoices for membership fees on Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 July.

The majority of CPSU fee tax invoices are emailed to members which is the fastest way to get your invoice. If you currently have your invoice mailed to you and would instead like to receive it by email, or you would like to check that the email the CPSU has on record for you is the correct one, email us.

What's happening with union fees in 2018/19?

For more information on fees for the 18/19 financial year and a brief report on the important campaigns the union is running to protect jobs, rights and public services, click here.

Frequently asked questions at tax time

Why do you send me an invoice that I don't need to pay? We are required to issue a tax invoice for GST purposes. It is also a summary of union dues for the past financial year. Union dues are tax deductible, and you are entitled to claim on your tax return.

This year, I paid some of my dues through payroll deduction, is that included in my tax invoice? No. If you split your payments over pay roll deduction, direct debit or credit card you’ll receive a separate invoice for non-pay roll deduction payments. If you have paid part of your dues by payroll deduction please use your PAYG Payment Summary for that portion of dues.

What is happening with fees in the 18/19 financial year? The CPSU is committed to using members’ money in the most effective way and maintains high standards of governance. Read more

What if I have more questions? Please contact the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 or email if you have any other questions regarding your payment receipt or any other issue.