Join us in the fight against outsourcing!

The Turnbull government announced in the Federal Budget this year that they plan to outsource the Immigration call centres in Sydney, London and Ottawa. Following this announcement CPSU members have been fighting back by signing our petition to stop the outsourcing and make sure this important work continues to be done by public servants.

We need your voice now

We have just learned that the Department are gearing up to announce which private company the work will be outsourced to and start the transition to outsource the work before the end of this year. Now more than ever we need to show this government that this would be a mistake. We’re asking urgently that you to take 2 minutes to join the hundreds of other concerned CPSU members and sign our petition.

This petition is just the start of this fight and we want to make your voice even louder. By joining your colleagues who are already members of the CPSU and becoming a member yourself you are guaranteed a loud and powerful voice in the fight to protect public service jobs.

Jobs and security on the line

There are approximately 250 jobs in these Service Centres that will be cut if the outsourcing goes ahead and with proposals to outsource visa processing on the table we know there are even more jobs at stake in the future.

Just like yourself the staff in the Service Centres are highly trained and committed to serving the national interest. They are trained to deal with highly sensitive and secure information by accessing TRIM among other Departmental databases.

Having a private company take over this work with the sole purpose of making a profit is a risk the government should not be taking and you can tell them that right now by clicking here.

Together we can fight back

The attack staff in DIBP are facing from outsourcing is real and growing, it is a threat to jobs and a threat to the vital work you do. If we are going to stop outsourcing we will need a strong union. Every member makes us stronger so join right now either online by clicking here or over the phone by calling 1300 137 636.