Love Canberra? Love our Work!

Do you value your rights and conditions at work? Is having a say over rostering and workplace change important to you or your colleagues? Would you like to see all ACT Government employees have equal and fair access to superannuation?

These are the issues at stake in the current round of bargaining for a new enterprise agreement with the ACT Government. CPSU members are fighting back against the Government’s proposed cuts to rights and conditions, and we want your support.

You can support the campaign by signing and sending a postcard addressed the ACT Chief Minister calling on him to value the work of ACT public sector workers and:

  • Offer fair pay and conditions
  • Protect your super
  • Respect your rights at work
  • Provide secure jobs

Support our campaign and sign the CPSU “Love Canberra? Love our Work” Postcard 

Postcard to support ACT Public Sector workers

Ask your CPSU workplace delegate for a postcard (and take some for your family, friends and neighbours, too) or send an email to the CPSU here  requesting copies of the postcard be sent to you.

Earlier this month, CPSU delegates from the ACT public service shared their bargaining stories with over 100 Australian Public Service delegates at the CPSU Regional Delegates Conference and asked for their support.

Knowing all too well what it is like to campaign against unfair cuts, CPSU delegates working in the APS committed to talking to their colleagues about what you are facing in bargaining and have taken postcards into workplaces for their colleagues to sign.

Together, we need to demonstrate to the Government that these issues matter to ACTPS workers and force them to rethink their unfair position on bargaining and that is where you come in!

Over the next few weeks CPSU delegates and organisers will be asking you to sign our postcard so make sure you support the campaign for a fair agreement. We want thousands of workers in Canberra to support our campaign so that it is impossible for the Government to ignore your concerns.

What else can I do to help?