Making your Health and Safety the priority

Making your Health and Safety the priority

Our Safety First campaign with CASA continues the strong progress towards our goal of making workers health and safety the number one priority.  We are excited to announce a joint CPSU-CASA review of workgroup structures and consultation arrangements is planned to commence in January 2018. The aim is to bring renewed focus onto workers’ health and safety, with a review of CASA’s workers’ representative structures (Work Groups) to ensure problems get solved - quickly. 

Making your voices heard

In January CASA and the CPSU, in consultation with other employee representatives, will put together a detailed work plan for the project. This will be built to ensure all workers have the opportunity to be included and have their say on these important health and safety matters. The process agreed for the review is

  • Phase 1:  Consultation –who, how and when
  • Phase 2:  Review, design and modelling – information sharing, structures and options
  • Phase 3:  Agreeing a structure with workers – what’s involved
  • Phase 4:  Implementation – how it’s done.

BIG PICTURE: Review of current Workgroup structures and consultation arrangements

  1. A review of current Health and Safety Representative (HSRs) structures for workers to elect their representatives. HSRs have legal powers to ensure your health and safety problems are solved quickly with management
  2. Revised consultation arrangements for workers and management to improving health and safety working conditions collaboratively
  3. Review Health and Safety committee structures where workers can take their concerns and problems to get solutions directly with management representatives.

CASA management are 100% on board and committed

Credit to CASA management for listening to members who recently participated in a CPSU run snap poll, with 92% of members agreeing to the proposition ‘CASA management needs to invest more resources to ensure problems are solved and workers Health and Safety is the priority in everything the agency does.’

Workers have an opportunity to improve health and safety working conditions in the future, by building lasting and effective mechanisms to get problems solved.

Your health and safety is our priority, make it yours!

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