Management's proposal for your new ABC staff agreement

Our full assessment of ABC management’s one-year proposal for your new staff agreement

The CPSU cannot recommend the ABC’s one year offer. As indicated in our letter to the ABC’s Managing Director on 25 July, the most concerning elements of the ABC’s proposal are the low pay offer and significant cuts to your existing redundancy rights. We do not believe that a 1.7% pay rise with cuts to your conditions is fair or reasonable.

What does a fair one-year offer look like? The CPSU proposed a one-year agreement with a 2% pay increase and no cuts to your conditions to ABC management, both before and after the federal election, and both times ABC management refused.

1. Pay 

1.7% is well below recognised CPI benchmarks set by the Fair Work Commission, Remuneration Tribunal and Reserve Bank of Australia. 2% pay rises were given in Channel 7, Newscorp and Fairfax. More info

2. Redundancy

ABC managers will again have complete discretion to select individuals for redundancy. Your only clear and legally enforceable rights about how managers select people for redundancy will be scrapped from your new agreement. More info

3. Recruitment

Increased management discretion to directly appoint people to ABC job vacancies without needing to advertise them. More info

4. Misconduct

New management rights regarding how and if an independent investigation will occur and if the ABC will provide employees accused of misconduct with all relevant evidence. More info

5. Agreement Duration

Using ABC resources to pursue a 12 month agreement is inefficient and financially questionable when we will need to start the whole bargaining process again in six months. More info

6. Notifying non-ongoing staff about their right to request ongoing employment

Although fixed term, specified task and casual employees already have a legal right to “request’ conversion to ongoing, we support new clauses that require the ABC to notify these employees of this right. Please note that these clauses DO NOT give you an actual right to convert to ongoing employment, they are just saying you can request it. The ABC doesn’t have to say yes.

7. The inclusion of Diversity and Inclusion principles in the agreement and associated improvements to leave provisions

We support management’s proposed changes to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace including Gender Transition Leave and extending paid parental leave eligibility to employees having a child through adoption, surrogacy or long-term foster care.

8. ‘M’ appraisal ratings for employees returning to work from parental leave or long-term sick leave

Employees coming back from parental leave or long-term illness of greater than 6 months to get a performance appraisal outcome (a “Meets” rating will be applied). We support these changes.

What ABC management has said NO to:

What happens next is up to you. If you want a better deal…

  1. Vote NO to the proposed one year offer
  2. Share this information with your colleagues and talk with them about why you will VOTE NO
  3. Contact your local CPSU Delegate and offer to help them spread the word about VOTING NO
  4. Ask people to join the union so we can take strong collective action to get a better deal.

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