Massive win for union members

Vote for strong public services and secure jobs.

Now more than ever, Australia needs a strong and properly resourced public service. That is why the CPSU is campaigning during the ACT Election for our territory services to remain in public hands.

And it is working.

The CPSU has just secured a written commitment from ACT Labor, who announced today that a re-elected ACT Labor Government will protect the ACT Public Service from job cuts and privatisation, providing secure jobs for Canberrans.

Recognising the vital role ACTPS workers play in supporting the Canberra community, Chief Minister Andrew Barr and and Minister for Government Services, Employment and Workplace Safety, Suzanne Orr announced that a re-elected ACT Labor Government will not privatise ACTPS jobs or services.

This is a huge win for our members.

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will commit to protecting our public services by introducing a legislated framework by the end of 2021 that:

  • ensures a public interest test is applied before any privatisation is considered;
  • maintains pay and conditions of employment for any privatised jobs; and
  • guarantees ongoing public accountability and transparency for any privatised services.

The first step to more secure work for Canberrans is to make your vote count in the ACT Election.

This commitment and additional protection for workers is important because we know that conservative Governments like the Canberra Liberals have a strong track record of privatising and outsourcing our public services. Canberra cannot afford a Federal and Territory Liberal Government.

More Jobs for Canberrans

Earlier this week, the ACT Government announced an additional $500,000 funding for the Jobs for Canberrans program. Access Canberra will receive the funding with all roles to assist with increased service delivery for the local community.

The Jobs for Canberrans program has now provided employment for over 500 Canberrans within the ACT Government. If you know someone that might be interested in these roles, they can apply here.

Membership matters

These announcements are important to the Canberra community and are an example of the fantastic work unions are doing with the current ACT Government to deliver stability and strong employment during the COVID pandemic and into the future.

When people join their union, together we can secure great outcomes. If you aren't yet a member, or have a friend or a co-worker who isn't a member, click here to sign up today.