National Gallery bargaining

NGA EA negotiations continue with a hope to finalise a draft EA as soon as possible. While all parties are committed to expedite negotiations, if an agreement is not voted on by the end of October, NGA employees may miss out on any pay increase this year.

Where are things at?

Following agreement on a revised GCC Terms of Reference to make genuine consultation a condition for any future changes to policy, negotiations are now focussed on the significant issues of a salary increase; casual loading and personal leave accrual. This will be followed by working through smaller changes.

The final key matters that the CPSU is requesting include:

  • Pay offer of 3% upon commencement, 2% 12 months after that and 1% 18 months after commencement.  Management is yet to put an offer on the table though has verbally agreed to offer the maximum possible within the 6% limitation.
  • Increase to the casual loading from 20% to 25%.  This will ensure the NGA casual staff remain in line with or above the award rate for the duration of the EA.
  • No change to our personal leave accrual process.  Management has proposed a change to the model of accrual of personal leave.  This is not a requirement for the EA by the Australian Public Service Commission, and in fact many other departments have upfront personal leave for new staff, like ours. There is no reason to change our existing provision of 18 days Personal Leave upfront.

The NGA needs to have an agreement this year

The NGA is the only federal government cultural institution in Australia not to have made an EA this round. NGA staff last received a pay increase in October 2013 and under the Bargaining Policy there is no ability for NGA to administer back-pay.  As the administrative process for an EA approval can take at least six to eight weeks we need to move fast.

To achieve this deadline we need your help! 

In the coming weeks we will be canvassing your views concerning managements response to the key matters identified above. A meeting request will be sent to all members following the next EA bargaining meeting.

NGA CPSU delegates and CPSU staff represent you as members.  Please contact us at any time with feedback, to discuss these matters or to voice your opinion.

If you are reading this and you are not a member, join us today - call 1300 137 636, join online or download a form.